My old kitchen/hallway

I am finally a resident of Chicago, and an apartment with a full-size refrigerator, oven and range. After three and a half years of cooking in a hallway I have ATTACKED every appliance in my new kitchen in a cooking fury. Caught up in this whirlwind is my brand new KitchenAid standing mixer (thank you best boyfriend ever!) and my long neglected ice cream maker.

Since yesterday I have made:

  • pizza crust with various toppings
  • roasted chicken with root veggies
  • coconut green tea sorbet
  • crusty olive rolls (I love the dough hook)
  • homemade chicken broth
  • braised radicchio

No lie, I could continue well into the night, but I’m out of flour. I guess I will have to give my new baking stone a rest until tomorrow.

I’m still organizing my life, but very soon I will be back with new recipes. Until then I ask you to gaze upon the beauty of my new mixer. Don’t you just want to fondle it? Don’t tell my food processor, but I think I found a new true love.