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Lentils de puy, or French green lentils, make a killer muhjadarrah

Life teaches me lessons I have no choice but to learn

In Posts On May 22, 2010 2 Comments

For the past three weeks I’ve had to cut out all processed sugar and wheat from my diet. This past week I also nixed meat and dairy, and I have another week to go as a vegan while I finish up a two week cleanse. I honestly I haven’t felt much like sharing with you the kale salads I’m throwing together every day for lunch, though I can’t complain about the food.

Taking a Break For a Few Weeks

In Posts On April 1, 2010 1 Comment

Hi. I started a new job, which I love. I moved for the second time in three months to a gorgeous new apartment, which I also love. I… Read More »

New Kitchen Cooking Bonanza

In Posts On January 3, 2010 1 Comment

I am finally a resident of Chicago, and an apartment with a full-size refrigerator, oven and range. After three and a half years of cooking in a hallway I have ATTACKED every appliance in my new kitchen in a cooking fury.

Traveling, Packing, Reading, Not Cooking

In Posts On December 11, 2009 0 Comments

I just got back from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium this evening. Tomorrow morning I head to Chicago to set up my new home office. So as you can guess, there ain’t a whole lot of cooking and writing going on here.

Look at this frozen pizza I shot with my new camera

In Posts On November 19, 2009 0 Comments

I got a Canon Rebel XSi this week and I’m still figuring it out, but whoa is it an improvement over my little point and shoot (not that this photo is an example, I just like the macro effect on it).

Healthy Grocery Shopping on the Cheap

In Posts On November 7, 2009 6 Comments

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably read in more than one post that I shop at Whole Paycheck Whole Foods. How on earth… Read More »

Vegan Quiche FAIL = Vegan Scramble WIN

In Posts On October 31, 2009 6 Comments

Earlier this week I had the Tofu Quiche Salad from Field of Greens, and ever since I’ve been hankering for mini tofu quiches. I may not have succeeded with making quiches, but the tofu scramble that resulted was dee-licious!

I Thought I Knew Love…

In Posts On October 17, 2009 5 Comments

…until I met my new Cuisinart food processor/ blender combo. I have never owned a food processor, unless you count the little mini-processor that I use to make sauces and hummus. It’s nothing like my new beauty, which can chop, slice, and blend. Heart! Heart! Heart! Just look at it! It seems to glow from within!

My Obsessiveness, My Best Intentions, and My Need For Help

In Posts On September 13, 2009 7 Comments

For those that don’t know me well, I have obsessive tendencies when it comes to food. My grad school roommate used to make fun of me for it, back when I was a member of the “I Take Myself Too Seriously” Club and I wouldn’t admit it. But now I freely acknowledge my tendencies!

My Newest Obsession:

In Posts On September 6, 2009 11 Comments

A friend of mine turned me on to, a website where you can log your daily exercise and food intake. NutriMirror keeps a running total of the nutrients you are taking in, which can help you plan fitness goals like weight loss.