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Quick and Cheap Dinner: Creamy Lemon Pasta

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On November 16, 2009 1 Comment

I love healthy pasta recipes. They are usually quick to prepare, filling, and they make great leftovers. I’m always on the hunt for a new veggie combo or a simple and tasty sauce to dress a pasta. Lucky me, this recipe has both.

Food Pr0n: Fig and Chile Pasta

In Food Pr0n On September 30, 2009 2 Comments

Plain yogurt makes a quick and healthy pasta sauce a la alfredo…stop laughing. OK, it’s not exactly alfredo, but it IS tasty. Is there anything yogurt can’t do?

Quick and Cheap Dinner: Double Boil Pasta Madness

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On June 15, 2009 1 Comment

This is a weekend meal for me, mostly because it takes about 30 minutes to prepare. I realized when planning for this dinner that I was gonna dirty up quite a few pots, so I made one pot do double boil duty.