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Quick and Cheap Dinner: Butternut Squash Pita Pizza

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On November 29, 2009 6 Comments

I saw this recipe for a butternut squash pizza on Real Simple and knew I could make it real simpler. Instead of using the refrigerated dough the recipe calls for, I turn to my quickie standby for mini pizzas: the pita.

Quick and Cheap Dinner: Garden Pita Pizza

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On October 29, 2009 1 Comment

When I’ve had a particularly exhausting day and would rather jump out a third story window than cook, I turn to the pita pizza. Not only are they quick, but pita pizzas are a great way to use up the odds and ends leftover in your fridge. Any cheapskate knows that wasting food is a big money sink.

Quick and Cheap Dinner: Hummus Sandwich and Tzatziki

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On June 9, 2009 1 Comment

This week instead of cooking I focused on some healthy convenience foods to get me through meal times without resorting to eating out. By the time I get home I feel pretty flattened and have no brain power to cook, which is why this meal requires little mental circuitry to prepare.

Quick and Cheap Dinner: Omelet on a Pita and Tomato Soup

In Quick and Cheap Dinners On May 18, 2009 3 Comments

I call this thing I just made up Omelet on a Pita because it’s basically the same ingredients I would whip together for a Sunday morning omelet, except they’re not actually IN an omelet. Just read on and I’ll explain myself.